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With Benchmark Travel you book time and cost efficient

Benchmark Travel does all the complex and cumbersome search process for cheap flight and hotel offers and offers a variety of services to fit your needs. Get the benefits of our services.

Learn more about us and our concept. Try it today.

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First and Business Class

Did you ever want to fly in business class or first class?

Then Benchmark Travel is just right for you. Save with Benchmark Travel up to 50% on your flights in business and first class with almost all major airlines.

Your advantages

  • Success-based research of cheap flights and hotels
  • Individual and free of charge customer service
  • Big expertise in travel management, Group travel and complex travel wishes


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Travelmanagement with Benchmark Travel

Travel expenses might go up to 25% of the operating costs. Through the globalization and within the necessity of mobility to the international market business customers are dependent of low travel costs. Especially for small and medium-sized companies the labour and financial pressure might display a problem.

The approach

Benchmark Travel has the intention to create an all around customer liaison and support. Guiding the customer through the whole transaction process as well as accompanying the journey will lead to a relaxed travel atmosphere.

We ensure a smooth course of travelling, this will be of course as cheap and time optimized as possible.

Complex travel requests

Especially concerning complex requests of our customers and wishes we are willing to help and arrange an accurate travel plan and specialized tour guidance or transfers. We have a great and expended network to cooperators’ world wide abroad. Especially if you need assistance with guiding travel groups and corporate travel trips with multiple destinations, Benchmark Travel will be happy to support you.

Your travel manager 2.0

Benchmark Travel is a combination of an online booking machine and a classic travel agency. Through the individual personal assistance and service Benchmark Travel shows the perfect match of the new generation for travelers. In addition Benchmark Travel has special rates with airlines and hotel chains so our customers are able to benefit from those. This is why we created your travel manager 2.0. The travel manager 2.0 will combine personal and individual service with a huge knowledge about the travel industry and a competitive pricing policy.

We would be pleased to explain the services of Benchmark Travel in line with a personal meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your travel agent 2.0

Benchmark Travel is an internet based travel agency and has access to nearly all online and offline networks to find the cheapest flight or hotel for your journey. Using efficient internal research processes Benchmark Travel is able to find offers and prices regular travel agencies are unable to find. In contrast to other travel agencies Benchmark Travel focusses on the assistance of their customers.

Our philosophy: Focusing on the customer

Our customers expect a high-quality standard of service. This is why every request is being processed individually. Each customer will have an individual assistant – who is responsible for the organisation of the booking and wishes of the customer. Furthermore our free-of-charge customer service team will answer all questions regarding your flight or hotel booking.

Especially dealing with complex travel plans as well as Business- or First-Class requests the team of Benchmark Travel is equipped with a big experience especially in dealing with demanding customers and corporate clients to offer the best flight and hotel deals.

Benchmark Travel puts emphasis on the satisfaction of the customer’s wishes. And, if it is necessary, we are pleased to take the long way for you. Talking about the philosophy of Benchmark Travel the customer’s satisfaction ist our benchmark.Just give it a try.

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We are here for you

For further information and questions please contact us at or on our hotline: 0800 666 57 88 (outside of Germany: +49 30 2576088-0). You can also use the following FAQs.

  • What's about Benchmark Travel?
  • What are we doing?
  • What kind of advantages you will receive through Benchmark Travel?
  • How does the process of requests and booking work?
  • Who should I contact, if I have any problems?
  • Which kinds of payments am I able to use?
  • In which currency will be calculated?
  • Is it possible to change or to cancel flights?
  • Is the transfer of my data encoded?